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2010 Spring Seller Update

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 2010 Spring Seller Update
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eBay Stores Subscriptions and Fees

Beginning March 30, 2010, you'll get discounted fees by subscribing to an eBay Storefor both Fixed Price and Auction-style listings. The higher the tier, the bigger the discount. In addition to special pricing, the many other features included in your eBay Stores subscription are summarized below.

  Basic Store Premium Store Anchor Store
Monthly Subscription Fee C$15.95
Build Your Store Basic Premium Anchor
Store Home Page and Unlimited Product Pages
A single, branded place on the web where all
your listings live.
Custom Pages
Use customizable pages to boost your brand, communicate store policies, and connect with customers.
5 pages 10 pages 15 pages
Customized Web Address
Get your very own URL ( so you can drive buyers directly to your Store.
Promotion Boxes
Highlight premium merchandise in your Store to trigger sales.
Store Categories
Help buyers browse your Store with up to 300 custom categories.
300 300 300
Custom Store Header
Create a customized, branded header with merchandising and premium product links.
eBay Header Reduction
Minimize the size of the eBay header and emphasize your own logo and branding.
Manage Your Sales Basic Premium Anchor
FREE Sales Management Tools
Use these valuable FREE tools to help you save time, improve customer satisfaction, and scale your business.
Selling Manager
Selling Manager Pro
(reg. C$15.99/month)
Selling Manager Pro
(reg. C$15.99/month)
Markdown Manager
Attract more buyers by offering discounted pricing on your items!
Manage 250 Listings/day Manage 2,500 Listings/day Manage 5,000 Listings/day
Vacation Hold
Put your listings and Store "on hold" while you're away.
Pictures (up to 12)
Promote Your Sales Basic Premium Anchor
On eBay
• Stores logo appears next to your
Store name in listings.
• All listings include an additional "Visit store" link.
 Rotating promotional placement on eBay Stores gateway.
  Text link at center of page Store logo at top of page
Control which additional items are displayed on your Item, Bid Confirm and Purchase Confirm pages.
Listing Frame
Add your Store header, search box, and category navigation to all of your listings.
HTML Builder
Easily create links to your Store from emails, other Web sites, and listings.
Off eBay Basic Premium Anchor
Email Marketing
Keep your customers coming back with customized e-newsletters and promotional emails.
5,000 emails/month 7,500 emails/month 10,000 emails/month
Promotional Flyers
Create promotional flyers and include them with your shipments to drive repeat business.
Search Engine Keyword Management
Optimize your Store for search engines and increase your exposure on the Web.
Track Your Success Basic Premium Anchor
Traffic Reports
Review and analyze your Store traffic to improve your merchandising and listing strategy.
(Reports available in English only)
Advanced data Advanced data