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2010 Fall Seller Update

Fall 2010 Update
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Category, Item Specifics & Item Condition updates
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Enhanced bulk edit and relist now available

Bulk edit more fields, revise up to 500 listings at once

New enhanced functionality to manage listings in bulk - originally introduced in June - will be even better in September. Edit more fields on more active listings at once. Edit your listings as you're relisting or selling similar items. All this is coming in time to help you stay on top of this holiday season.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Adjust pricing to stay competitive. Add shipping services and update handling time. Add in-demand inventory, or put a specific group of listings on sale. With the new eBay bulk editing functionality, you can work on multiple listings at a time in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface. Plus, revise multiple listing fields such as item condition, price and quantity on up to 500 items at once.

NEW in September!

Edit more fields - including shipping. Starting in September, you can bulk edit many more fields on your listing, including listing categories, item description, payment information, shipping fields, product details, and more - all with the new, easy-to-use interface introduced in June.

Use "find and replace" to make bulk changes to listing descriptions. Need to make the same change to many listing descriptions, such as updating information about your return policy, or highlighting an express shipping option? The improved "find and replace" functionality makes it easy for you to search for phrases and words in all your listing descriptions, and then update them in bulk.

Revise more listings. In addition to being able to edit, relist, sell similar and revise Selling Manager Pro templates, you'll be able to send to online auction and sell again in bulk. Plus, you'll be able to revise up to 500 active listings at a time.

Start using it now
If you haven't already, take time now to try out the new functionality originally released in June. Once the new functionality is available in September, you'll have the option to move back and forth between existing and new functionality as you need.

  • Try out the new bulk functionality. Click the opt-in link in the bulk edit, relist and sell similar flows to enter the new bulk flows. Right now, you can edit key fields like price, quantity, duration, title and subtitle, as well as item condition. Additional fields are coming in September.

  • When the September updates are available, use the new functionality to help optimize your listings for the holiday selling season - for example, to add free shipping and expedited shipping options.

  • Send us your feedback - your input will help us make the continued updates to deliver the features you need.

  • Become familiar with the new functionality now and in September when the remaining fields become available.

What is the new bulk functionality?
The eBay bulk editing functionality is being enhanced to make it easier for you to manage your listings. In June, improved bulk edit, relist and sell similar functionality was introduced with a limited number of editable fields to allow sellers to test it out and provide feedback.

Based on your feedback during that first phase, more enhancements are coming in September:
  • We're integrating the bulk send to online auction, and bulk sell again flows into the new functionality, making them easier to use.
  • Editable fields are being expanded to include listing categories, item description, payment information, shipping fields and more.
  • You'll be able to edit up to 500 active listings at a time in the bulk revise flow starting this fall using Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.
What other fields will be added in September?
Since June, sellers have been able to edit a limited number of fields in the bulk flows, including title, subtitle, price, duration, quantity and item condition across selected listings. Starting in September, you will be able to change many additional fields on your listings (in addition to the existing fields) including:
  • Categories
  • Format
  • Duration
  • Item description
  • Item location
  • Return policy
  • Payment information
  • Listing upgrades
  • Handling time
  • Domestic and international shipping
  • Domestic and international shipping discounts
  • Sales tax
  • Catalogue product
  • Start time
Please note that existing revision restriction policies still apply.

Use the new find and replace functionality to edit your item descriptions in bulk.
Will the new bulk functionality replace the existing bulk functionality?
Yes, the new bulk functionality will replace the existing bulk flows. If you want to return to the existing bulk flows to make edits to your listings, simply click the opt-out link in the top right-hand corner when you're in the new bulk flow and you can move back and forth between the new and existing bulk flows as often as you want.

Can I use the new bulk functionality before September?
Yes. Parts of the new bulk functionality were released in June and are available now for all sellers to test. Just click the opt-in link on the bulk edit, bulk relist, and bulk sell similar flows. See bulk edit tips and tools for more information on how to access the existing bulk flows. If you're already opted in, you'll see an opt-out link whenever you're in the new bulk flow, so you can easily find your way out.
Can I still provide feedback on the new functionality?
Yes. Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Just click the Send us your comments link on the new bulk flow.
What can I do with the new bulk functionality that I can't do with the existing functionality?
The new bulk functionality provides a new approach to working with multiple listings at the same time. You'll be able to do the following tasks:
  • Revise items directly in a grid by clicking and changing a cell value. You'll be able to use common spreadsheet keyboard shortcuts and interaction.
  • Revise multiple listings in bulk or individually using layers.
  • Review any errors, warnings and fees your edits might generate. These will be displayed whenever you modify a field on a listing.
  • Modify your listings one step at a time without publishing any changes until you're ready.
  • Preview how the modified listings will appear on the item page even before your changes are published.

Adjust your pricing strategy and inventory in just one step with the new bulk functionality. Plus, you can preview your changes before you submit them to the site.
Can the new bulk functionality be used via Turbo Lister, Blackthorne or third-party applications?
No. The new bulk functionality is limited to onsite use only. However, we do expect that it will be available through a variety of listing tools in the future.