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2010 Spring Seller Update

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 2010 Spring Seller Update
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Seller Checklist

Starting Now

Checklist items with this symbol may require updates to your listings. To save time, try to consolidate these changes. Find out how eBay's tips and tools to edit listings make it faster and easier to make changes to your listings.

Review the new fee structure coming in March. Use the Fee Illustrator to help you determine the most cost-effective fee option for your business. Subscribe or upgrade your Store now and pay no additional monthly subscription fees until April 2010.
If you choose a Premium or Anchor Stores subscription, make sure you meet the new requirements of a seller performance rating "Above Standard." Check your rating in your Seller Dashboard.
Understand how your fees may change when your Store Inventory Format listings become Fixed Priced listings. Determine which listings you want to be renewed at the new rate. Begin editing your listings as needed so they will perform well as Fixed Price listings in core search results..
Begin liquidating inventory you don't want to renew before the new fees take effect: For example, re-price, send to auction, offer items at a special price with Markdown Manager, or use Best Offer.
Edit Store Inventory Format listings that are not selling now or not likely to perform well as regular Fixed Price listings. To help you identify this inventory, listings with no activity in the past 16 months will be flagged as a note in My eBay and other selling tools including Turbo Lister, Selling Manager, Selling Manager Pro and Blackthorne.
If you want to qualify for Top-rated status in European Union countries starting in February, be sure to update your Account Information in My eBay from "Private" to "Business".
Find out if your listings are impacted by Category and Item Specifics changes coming in February and March.
Make sure you are in compliance with the Selling Practices policy and the new Seller Standards to ensure uninterrupted selling.
Follow best practices for earning the maximum discount of 20% when the new discount structure takes effect in April.
Start removing all PowerSeller icons from your listing descriptions, listing templates, About Me pages, and Store pages.

In February

Continue to follow best practices and keep a close eye on your standing toward new seller requirements and the new PowerSeller discount schedule using your Seller Dashboard using your Seller Dashboard.
Continue liquidating or ending any Store Inventory Format listings you don't want to renew for the new fees coming at the end of March.

In March

Make sure that you have reviewed the new fee pricing options and selected the fee package that works best for you. New fees start on March 30 but you don't have to wait until March 30 to start saving. Take advantage of our special offer just for Store subscribers and list in Fixed Price with full search exposure now for 10¢.
Make sure the Store Inventory Format listings have been reviewed, edited as needed, and ready to become Fixed Price listings in core search results. Continue to liquidate any listings you don't want to continue. All Store Inventory Format listings will become Fixed Price listings and automatically renew at the new rates starting March 30.
If you want your pictures watermarked, change you default watermark preferences.
Continue to use your Seller Dashboard to track your standing toward the new seller requirements and PowerSeller discounts that will be fully enforced in April.

By September

Make sure all PowerSeller icons and references are removed from your listing descriptions, listing templates, About Me pages, and Store pages.

Find out how eBay's tips and tools to edit listings make it faster and easier to make changes to your listings.

Check out the announcement overview page for more complete details and FAQ's on these upcoming changes.