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2010 Spring Seller Update

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 2010 Spring Seller Update
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eBay Top-rated seller status and seller standards update

Higher standards reward quality and service and boost buyer confidence

More and more eBay sellers are meeting the requirements and enjoying the benefits and rewards that come with being an eBay Top-rated seller—20% fee discounts, an exclusive boost in search results for Fixed Price listings, and a prominent badge in search results and on their item pages. The new status, introduced last July, is going a long way to ensure quality service and keep buyers coming back.


Top-rated seller status extended to more sellers

Canadian sellers can qualify for eBay Top-rated seller status in more countries this February.

Reminder—New PowerSeller discounts and seller requirements coming in mid-April:

Coming in mid-April:
  • New PowerSeller requirements: The new PowerSeller requirements (originally announced in July 2009) will be in effect for all PowerSellers, not just Top-rated sellers.

  • New PowerSeller discount structure:
    • With the new PowerSeller discount schedule (also announced in July), only eBay Top-rated sellers will receive 20% fee discounts. All other PowerSellers will receive 5% discounts.
    • Canadian sellers who achieve Top-rated status on, based on their transactions with US buyers, will be eligible for the full 20% discount for listings on
    • Canadian sellers who achieve Top-rated status based on their transactions with all buyers globally will be eligible for the full 20% discount for listings on
    • PowerSellers will see this change reflected on their statements starting May 1, 2010.

  • New standards for all eBay sellers on
    • Canadian sellers who do not meet the new US criteria will risk being demoted in search on, and/or being restricted from listing on Learn more about's new Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) requirement for selling on eBay.
    • The eBay Selling Practices policy will be enforced for all sellers making their items available on

  • Changes to the Seller Dashboard:
    • See if you have "item not received" and "item not as described" claims. A link will be added for easy access to the eBay Resolution Centre where you can see and manage those claims.
    • See whether you meet the new requirements for the PowerSeller program and the new minimum standards for all sellers.
    • Your 30-day average DSR score will no longer appear since that measurement is no longer used for PowerSeller requirements, seller standards, or standing in search results.
Get an at-a-glance overview of changes in requirements and benefits coming in April.

Coming in September:
  • Sellers may no longer use the PowerSeller icon or references to the PowerSeller designation in listing templates, listing descriptions, About Me pages, or Stores pages.

  • Make sure you are familiar with the new requirements coming in April. Check your Seller Dashboard often to monitor your standing toward requirements for eBay Top-rated seller, PowerSeller status, and minimum requirements to sell on eBay.

  • Follow best practices for avoiding low DSRs (1s and 2s).

  • Familiarize yourself with the's new Selling Practices policy to make sure you are in compliance.

  • Start now to remove all PowerSeller icons from your listing descriptions, listing templates, About Me pages, and Stores Pages. For best efficiency, try to make all upcoming changes required to listings at once. See the Seller Checklist for complete details. See tips and tools to edit listings faster and easier.

  • If you want to qualify for Top-rated status in European Union countries, be sure to update your Account Information in My eBay from "Private" to "Business." (Required for Top-rated seller status in European Union countries).


Top-rated seller status extended to more sellers

In what countries can I become an eBay Top-rated seller and when?
Starting February 20, 2010 sellers can qualify for eBay Top-rated seller status
  • on based on sales with buyers in the US
  • on and based on sales with buyers from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey.
  • on,, and based on sales with buyers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

How do I qualify to become an eBay Top-Rated seller in Germany and the United Kingdom?
To be eligible for eTRS on (Germany) and (United Kingdom), PowerSellers must be registered as a "Business Seller" and meet the following DSR crieteria for all four DSRs:
  • No more than 0.5% of transactions with low DSRs (1s and 2s).
  • No more than 0.6% of transactions with low DSRs (1s and 2s).
  • To ensure that lower-volume sellers (fewer than 400 annual transactions) can be included as Top-rated sellers, two instances of 1s or 2s on each of the four DSRs will be allowed before the percentage requirement is applied.
How can I see if I qualify for Top-rated status in other countries?
Different eBay sites have requirements based on performance with buyers from that country. See requirements for,,, and Check your status as an eBay Top-rated seller in these countries through your Seller Dashboard.

How can I register as a business?
To update your account from private to business, go to My eBay, Account tab, Personal Information, and set Account type to Business. There are no tax or other implications for Canadian sellers in changing this status. Business registration is a requirement for European Union PowerSeller and Top-rated seller status.

Reminder—New PowerSeller discounts and seller requirements coming soon

When I click on the Seller Dashboard link to the Resolution Centre, it shows the number of item not received and item not as described claims. Will this information be used to evaluate sellers?
The number of claims is not included in requirements for Top-rated or PowerSeller status. However, sellers have always been expected to minimize the number of claims to comply with the eBay Seller Performance Standards policy. Sellers with excessive claims may be seen as violating this policy and have lowered standing in Best Match search results and limits placed on selling activity until performance improves.

Why is eBay updating the Selling Practices policy to restrict the use of the PowerSeller logo?
The eBay Top-rated seller badge will become the only icon to inform buyers about sellers providing great service and experiences. Eventually, we'll be introducing a Top-rated seller badge program on as well. But in the meantime, it's important for Canadian listings to also remove PowerSeller logos to ensure they are compliant with the rules on eBay-generated PowerSeller icons will continue to appear on in the seller information box on the view item page and other locations until a Canadian Top-rated seller badge program is introduced. By removing any PowerSeller logos you've build onto your listing descriptions, you can ensure you are compliant with's rules, while still being badged dynamically as a PowerSeller on where applicable.

What is the policy for using the eBay Top-rated seller status badge?
If you're a Top-rated seller, a prominent Top-rated seller badge will automatically appear in your listings on According to the eBay Selling Practices policy, sellers are not allowed to use eBay's Top-rated seller logo or similar artwork and expressions such as "top rated seller," "top seller," "trusted seller" in listing descriptions and other buyer-facing pages. Use of the eBay Top-rated seller badge is also restricted by the PowerSeller terms and conditions.

See complete FAQs about the upcoming changes to the PowerSeller program, new minimum standards for all sellers, and Selling Practices policy originally announced in July, 2009.