eBay Money Back Guarantee - details

eBay Money Back Guarantee means sellers won't be losing potential buyers because someone else let them down

When we first made the announcement in August that eBay Money Back Guarantee was coming to eBay.ca, we let sellers know more information would be made available before the launch.

We are happy to bring you the full details—everything you need to know about eBay Money Back Guarantee—with plenty of time left to adjust. Remember, these changes only impact transactions when something doesn't go quite right, and for most sellers, that doesn't happen too often.

Below we have compiled a list of questions and answers that sellers have asked over the last several weeks to clarify how eBay Money Back Guarantee will affect sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is eBay Money Back Guarantee launching?

    eBay Money Back Guarantee and the new after-sale experience will be introduced in several stages:

    October 1, 2014

    • All purchases made on or after October 1st, 2014 will be eligible for coverage under eBay Money Back Guarantee. Buyers won't be able to open a claim through eBay Money Back Guarantee until the after-sale experience is launched in November.

    November 2014

    • The streamlined after-sale experience will be made available to some users in the beginning of November 2014. Given the complexity and size of the change, it will take several weeks to be released across the site. Everyone will have access to the new experience from mid-November 2014.
    • The streamlined cancellation process within My eBay will be made available to both buyers and sellers.

    Early December

    • The streamlined after-sale experience will be made available to all users within eBay apps.

    Early 2015

    • The streamlined after-sale experience will be made available to all users accessing the eBay site on their mobile and tablet devices.
  • What's covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee?

    The eBay Money Back Guarantee protects buyers in case they don't receive their item, or if the item is not as described in the listing.

  • What's not covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee?

    eBay Money Back Guarantee does not cover the following:

    • Buyer's remorse or any reason other than not receiving an item or receiving an item that isn't as described in the listing (see the seller's return policy for return options).
    • Items damaged during pick-up or shipping or not delivered when the buyer arranges pick-up or shipping of the item.
    • Duplicate claims through other resolution methods.
    • Items shipped to another address after original delivery.
    • Vehicles (see eBay Vehicle Protection), Real Estate, Websites & Business for Sale, Classified Ads, Ad format listings, and services.
  • How long will the buyer have to make a request with eBay Money Back Guarantee?

    Buyers can open a request with eBay Money Back Guarantee up to 30 days after the actual (or latest estimated) delivery date.

  • Is the eBay Money Back Guarantee claim process available in both languages?

    Yes, eBay Money Back Guarantee will be available in English and French.

  • If a buyer purchases an item before October 1st, but receives the item after, will the purchase be covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee?

    No. Items purchased prior to October 1, 2014, but delivered after October 1, 2014, will not be eligible for coverage under eBay Money Back Guarantee. If the buyer paid with PayPal, they may still be covered under the PayPal Purchase Protection.

  • What happens if a buyer who purchased an item on eBay.ca tries to open a claim on eBay.com?

    If a buyer tries to open a claim on a different eBay site than the one where the item was purchased, the buyer will be redirected to the site where the purchase was made.

  • Can buyers still make claims using PayPal Purchase Protection?

    Yes, buyers can choose to go through either PayPal Purchase Protection or eBay Money Back Guarantee to resolve a claim. After selecting which resolution process to use, a buyer can only use that process to settle the transaction issue.

    Additionally, the claim deadline for PayPal Purchase Protection will be extended to 180 days, giving buyers more time to file a claim.

  • Who decides if the purchase is significantly not as described?

    It is up to the buyer to initiate a request when they feel the item is not as described in the listing.

    If the buyer doesn't receive a response or solution, or returns the item but doesn't receive a refund or replacement from the seller, the buyer can ask us to step in and help.

    If asked to step in and help, we review the item description and any other information about the item that the buyer and seller provide. If we can't determine that the item matches the listing description, if the seller has already offered a return, or the seller's stated return window and policy applies, we may ask the buyer to return the item to the seller.

  • If a buyer is unhappy with a purchase, does the seller always have to pay for return shipping?

    Sellers are only responsible for the return shipping costs if they have stated a free return shipping policy in their listing, or if the item doesn't match the item description and a buyer opens a case against the seller.

    Here's a closer look at the reasons buyers can give for a return:

    Reason for return

    Responsibility for return shipping

    Does not fit Per seller's return policy
    No longer want/need Per seller's return policy
    Found better price Per seller's return policy
    Defective/Does not work Seller

    Item differ from listing


    Missing parts or accessories


    Arrived damaged

  • How will sellers get billed for refunds?

    When a buyer receives a refund under eBay Money Back Guarantee, sellers will be required to reimburse eBay, unless they can provide proof that the item was delivered or was as described in the listing.

    This reimbursement will be debited from the seller's PayPal account or charged to the seller's monthly selling invoice.

  • As a seller, I currently provide return labels with my shipments, is this still a good practice?

    Providing return labels is a great practice to continue not only to give your buyers peace of mind, but also to make it easy for buyers to return items to you.

  • Who decides what shipping carrier and service will be used when return shipping is needed?

    We recommend the buyer uses the shipping carrier and service preferred by the seller. If the buyer is unable to come to an agreement with the seller, or if the seller is unreachable, the buyer decides which shipping carrier and service to use for return purchases, unless a return shipping label was provided by the seller.

  • Is there a maximum amount a buyer can spend for return shipping?

    Although there is no maximum limit on return shipping costs, a seller will only be held responsible for the actual return shipping costs paid by the buyer, unless they have provided a return shipping label to the buyer.

    Sellers are encouraged to guide buyers to preferred shipping carriers and services when returning purchases. If the seller believes the buyer has chosen a shipping service that is too expensive, the seller can ask eBay to step in. eBay will review the request and take appropriate action.

  • Do all sellers have to offer returns?

    No, sellers still have the choice of whether or not to offer returns through the returns policy. If a seller has chosen not to offer returns and a buyer requests a return because they changed their mind, sellers can simply decline the request. However, if a buyer received an item that was not as described in the listing and the buyer opens a case against the seller, the buyer has the right to return it for a full refund.

  • What if my item is priced too low to warrant a return?

    Sellers have the option to offer a replacement, or a full or partial refund without requiring a return.

    Sellers can also set rules about returns. For example, sellers could set a rule for buyers to automatically get refunds for purchases under $10. Or sellers might want buyers to keep the item when it comes from a certain category. Sellers can also set a rule to tell buyers where to ship an item back to in the case of returns.

  • How do requests and cases affect seller performance under eBay Money Back Guarantee?

    Here are some of the ways seller performance is affected under eBay Money Back Guarantee:

    • An open request is counted as a defect (remember you can only receive one defect per transaction).
    • If the buyer closes the request (or it closes automatically), the defect will remain.
    • If eBay is asked to step in and help, and the case is found in the seller's favour, or found to be neither the fault of the buyer or seller, the defect may be removed.
    • If eBay finds the seller responsible, the defect will remain and the case will also be counted as 'closed without seller resolution'.

    Note: If you're selling internationally, any requests and cases for transactions with buyers from sites that already have eBay Money Back Guarantee (such as eBay.com, eBay.co.uk, eBay.de) will be counted towards your seller performance on those sites.

  • Do hassle-free returns apply to sellers on eBay.ca?

    No, hassle-free returns is a process only available on eBay.com and for sellers residing in the US. A hassle-free return is only eligible on domestic returns in the US.

    Learn more about the hassle-free return process on eBay.com

  • For items not purchased via the Global Shipping Program, if import fees are charged to the buyers, can they be refunded?

    For Canadian buyers, the Canada Border Services Agency offers a refund program for duty and tax paid on imported items that are returned to the original seller.

  • How will Global Shipping Program returns be refunded?

    If an item shipped via the Global Shipping Program is not as described and needs to be returned, the full price of the item will be refunded to the buyer, including all shipping and import fees. However, if the buyer wants to return the item due to remorse, the seller's return policy in the listing will be what applies.

    Sellers are only responsible for refunding the original item price plus the domestic shipping cost when using the Global Shipping Program.

  • How is eBay protecting sellers against fraudulent buyers?

    eBay Seller Protection delivers detection systems, transaction monitoring, and policies that help make eBay a great place to sell. A newly enhanced reporting hub makes it easier for you to report issues with buyers. eBay uses your reports as part of the monitoring system to help identify patterns of behaviour. We take action to protect you, including removing any negative or neutral Feedback or low detailed seller ratings that are in violation of eBay policy.