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2010 Summer Seller Update

  Summer 2010 Update
Smart FAQ

What are Smart FAQs?
This is a new free feature that draws on live information from your listings to answer the top 20 buyer questions before buyers reach you through the "Ask a question" or "Contact seller" links.

How do I turn on my FAQs?
PowerSellers and sellers who are already using FAQs will automatically have SmartFAQ turned on. Other sellers can turn on SmartFAQs by going to My eBay > My Account > Seller Preferences > FAQ.

What options do I have for setting up Smart FAQs?
You can set up your Smart FAQs in one of three ways:
  1. Direct all buyers to the current "Ask a Question" email form buyer can ask you all questions directly via email. This option is recommended for occasional sellers with few buyer questions.
  2. Direct all buyers to a Smart FAQ page where they can look for an answer first and then click "Contact seller" to send an email directly to you. This option is recommended for most sellers, especially those who are not always able to answer questions quickly and those who get a large number of questions.
  3. Direct buyers to another version of the Smart FAQ page from which only existing customers (users who have already made a purchase from you) can click "Contact seller" from the FAQ page to send an email directly to you. This option is not recommended unless it's absolutely necessary for your business operations. Removing the ability for buyers to contact you directly can cost you sales and have a negative impact on Detailed Seller Ratings.

How do I change my FAQs and Ask a question options?
You can change your FAQs by going to My eBay > My Account > Seller Preferences > FAQ. The FAQ Preference Page allows you to turn FAQs on and off for all items, make modifications to FAQs, turn eBay Smart FAQs on or off, or add your own FAQs.

What is an eBay Smart Answer?
We have identified and developed answers for the top questions typically asked by buyers. These answers draw live information from your listing and are called "eBay Smart Answers." To get the answers, eBay looks at item, shipping, and transactional information. As long as your information is up-to-date and correct, eBay can accurately answer questions for you.

For example, if a buyer asks "Where is my item?" eBay checks the payment date, your handling and shipping time, and any uploaded tracking information to create the answer.

How do I change, review, modify, or add to my FAQs?
You can make modifications to your FAQs by going to your FAQ Preference Page. Go to My eBay > My Account > Seller Preference > FAQ.

What do buyers see when they click "Ask a question"?
The image below shows what the buyer will see. Please note that if you indicate that you only accept questions from buyers who've completed a transaction with you in the past, the "Can't find an answer?" box will not display. Note, choosing this option is not recommended for most sellers. Not allowing buyers to contact you could reduce your sales and have a negative impact on your Detailed Seller Ratings.

What if I want to have more control over these FAQs?
If you prefer, you can opt into an application from Hosted Support, an eBay Certified Developer. Hosted Support offers an FAQ Management System that allows you to create and maintain your own FAQs.

How do I opt in to Hosted Support's FAQ application? Is there a charge?
If you want to use Hosted Support's FAQ Management System, you first need to sign up for it. Hosted Support is a third-party supplier, and a fee will apply. Once you've signed up, select the "FAQ through Hosted Support" option on your FAQ Preference Page. This option will not appear until you have signed up for it. If you do choose this option, you need to create and maintain your FAQs through the Hosted Support application.