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2010 Summer Seller Update

  Summer 2010 Update
   New bulk editing functionality
New ways to edit multiple listings at once—right as you list

To help sellers to stay right on top in an increasingly dynamic marketplace, we're introducing new functionality and tools to make it faster and easier to edit, list, and relist multiple items at once. For example, adjust pricing to stay competitive, edit listings to comply with policy changes such as required item condition, add in-demand inventory, or put a specific group of listings on sale.

eBay listing flows
Starting June, we'll begin testing improved functionality in eBay's bulk listing, relisting, and sell similar flows that will allow you to work on up to 200 listings at a time in a familiar spreadsheet interface. You'll be able to make revisions to multiple listing fields such as item condition, price and quantity—then publish all the listings at once.

Plus, with Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro, quickly and easily identify active listings with specific information in them using the new advanced search functionality. Set up a query that looks at Title, Category, Condition, Catalog Product, Description, Format, Starting Price, Current Price, Bid count, Listing Site Country and many other listing fields. For example, search for all active listings within a particular category that contain "black shoes" in the Title field and have a Buy It Now price greater than $50. Or search for all listings without a specified item condition. You can even search for listings by site country to look at your and listings separately.

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eBay Plug-in for Excel: Edit thousands of listings at a time
If you prefer, you can now manage all your eBay listings on directly in Microsoft Excel 2007. With the new eBay Plug-in for Excel, you can handle up to 5,000 listings at a time. Download active listings directly to Excel. Create new listings, relist ended listings, end current listings, and edit existing listings. Then send everything to in a single upload. Plus get a report of your sold items and add tracking information for items you have shipped.

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