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We’ve partnered with The Straight Pipes, the notoriously down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is, Canadian car review team for this year’s ultimate project build challenge – modifying a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

Project Build ’22 – How it Works:

  • Step 1. Review the car
  • Step 2. Track test and dyno for baseline
  • Step 3. Order all the parts using eBay’s My Garage – a one stop shop customized by vehicle
  • Step 4. Build it, dyno it, measure for power gains
  • Step 5. Track test, and drag race a supercar and take it to a car show

The Straight Pipes team are no strangers to car reviews. Their YouTube channel ranks amongst the very best automotive news & entertainment channels in the world with 500+ reviews and 1.5 million fans.

Want to know more? Follow along here!

Ep. 1: Corvette Z06 project build

In this first of five episodes, The Straight Pipes team reviews and checks out the condition of the Corvette Z06 they bought from across the country. Teasers from upcoming episodes included as they will be modifying this car!

Ep. 2: How fast?

In this episode, The Straight Pipes team finds out just how broken or surprisingly good their cheap Corvette Z06 is. They do their best to put down a 1/4 mile drag race time, road course time, and find out just how much power they're making with a dyno test.

Ep. 3: Shopping on eBay Motors

In this episode, The Straight Pipes team orders and buys parts to turn their Corvette Z06 into a track monster and a car show favourite with the help of some Corvette memorabilia. Can they turn this car into a 700 horsepower supercar killer? Turbo? Supercharger? Naturally Aspirated?!

Ep. 4: OVER 700 hp!

In this episode, The Straight Pipes team installs all of the parts that they ordered and then put them to the test on the dyno. Let's see how much NATURALLY ASPIRATED power they can make!

Ep. 5: DRAG RACE, Car Show, and More!

In this final episode, The Straight Pipes team head back to the track after all the modifications to see how much they've improved thier Corvette Z06. Now a natually aspirtated 721 horsepower monster! They drag race some 2000's era supercars like a Ferrari 360 and Lamborghini Gallardo. Watch them make huge improvements on their lap time and also take the Corvette to a car show!