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These Sellers:
Check Icon Consistenly receive highest buyer's rating
Check Icon Ship items quickly
Check Icon Have earned a track record of excellent service on eBay
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Top-rated Sellers
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Must consistently earn 4 or 5 star ratings from eBay buyers for delivering excellent service, shipping quickly, and providing accurate item descriptions.
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Must sell $1,000 (effective June 1, 2012) or more and complete a minimum of 100 selling transactions on eBay every year.
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Are regularly reviewed by eBay for compliance with these standards.
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Frequently asked questions
Why should I buy from Top-rated sellers?
Top-rated sellers have a track record of providing great customer service to eBay buyers. eBay regularly reviews the performance of these sellers to confirm that they continue to meet the program's requirements.
Do sellers pay to be Top-rated sellers?
No, sellers must earn their Top-rated seller status by consistently meeting eBay's standards for excellent customer service. Top-rated seller status is not a paid placement or membership.
How can I become a Top-rated seller?
First and foremost, provide great service to your eBay buyers. Over time, as you earn a record for excellence by consistently receiving high ratings from buyers and meeting our requirements for sales volume, you'll automatically earn Top-rated seller status. Learn more
When I buy from an eBay Top-rated seller, what other factors should I consider?
While the eBay Top-rated seller program highlights sellers who have earned a record of providing excellent service to buyers, all eBay buyers are encouraged to carefully review listing details and photos, sellers' policies, and ask sellers any questions they may have about the item before placing a bid or making a purchase.