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Score of 1 on any hole. Also called a hole-in-one.

Golfer's stance above the ball when the club is grounded and they are ready to hit.

Shot from the fairway to the green.

Closely mowed area around a putting green.
Back nine

Final nine holes plays. Usually the last nine holes on an 18-hole course.
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Backward rotation of a golf ball in air. Also used to describe wedge shots that roll backwards after hitting the green.

Weight attached to the back of the head of a golf club that makes it easier for drivers to hit a ball into the air and prevents putters from twisting.
Ball retriever

Metal pole and scoop used to retrieve balls from water hazards.
Ball washer

Device that uses bristles and soapy water to clean golf balls.
Belly putter

Type of putter that has a longer shaft than a traditional putter.
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Score one stroke below par on a hole.

Type of iron with a thin top line and full smooth back.

Score one stroke over par on a hole. Bogey golfers average a bogey per hole.

Type of club with a shaft that goes through the club head and sole of the club.

The angle measured from the front edge of a wedge's sole to the point that rests on the ground at address.
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Hazard made up of a sand-filled hole. Also called a sand trap.

Person who carries a player's golf bag.
Cavity back

Type of game improvement iron. Its club head has a thin face and hollow area on the back that distributes weight around the perimeter of the club, creating a larger sweet spot.

Cubic Centimeters: Volume of a club head. Larger numbers denote a larger sweet spot.
Centre of gravity

Perfectly balanced point in a club head.
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Club head

Part of a golf club used to hit a ball.

Density of a golf ball.

Area where golfers play regulation golf.
Course rating

Difficulty of a course.

Indentation on a golf ball.
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Double bogey

Two strokes over par for a hole.
Double eagle

Three strokes under par for a hole.

First shot on a hole hit off a tee.

Ball used to hit the bar farthest. Also called the 1-wood.
Driving range

Large open field that allows golfers to practice their drives. Facilities usually allow you to rent buckets of balls to hit.                                      
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Score two strokes below par on a hole.
Face angle

Angle of a club's face relative to its target.

Area between the tee box and green.

Part of a putter that sticks out from the back of the club head.

Ability of a club's shaft to bend.
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Grass bunker

Depression in a golf course filled with grass.

Putting surface of a golf course.
Green fee

Amount of money you have to pay to play golf on a course.

Golfer's playing ability in relation to a course.

Area from the tee to the fairway and green on a course. Also describes a hole on the green where a player putts.
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Ball severely curving in air.

Place on a club where the shaft and club head come together.

Club with a thin grooved face used to hit balls on the fairway.

The angle of the face of a club that determines how far and how high a ball will travel.
Maraging steel

Hard steel alloy used in driver club heads and some irons.
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Blade-style iron with a full back.

Distance on a club from the front of the hosel to the front of the club head.

Expected number of strokes it should take to play a hole.
Perimeter weighting

Club design used in cavity-backed clubs that has weight distributed around the outside of the club head, enlarging the sweet spot.

Shot taken with a high-lofted club that goes a short distance and has a high trajectory.
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Progressive offset

A set of irons that contains clubs with different offsets.

Golf club used to hit a ball a short distance into a hole.

A complete 18-hole game of golf.
Sand trap

Term used by some golfers to describe a bunker filled with sand.
Scratch golfer

Person who scores par or better for a course.
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Golf club handle.

Mis-hit where the ball curves dramatically left for right-handed players or right for left-handed players.
Stainless steel

Heavy metal used in club construction. Stainless steel clubs have smaller club heads and sweet spots than titanium clubs.

How a golfer stands and holds a club in relation to the ball and hole.

Swinging a golf club with the intention of putting a ball into play.
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Sweet spot

Centre of the face of a club.

Small plastic stand that elevates a ball off the grass.
Tee box

Starting point where a golfer puts a ball into play for a hole.

Lightweight metal used in club construction, allowing for larger club heads.

A shaft's resistance to twisting during a swing.
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Common name for a bunker.

Type of iron with a broad low-angled club head and high loft.

Club used for long-distance shots.
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