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Usually the lightest form of fragrance, and often used lavishly. Cologne is considered invigorating and refreshing, especially when used after a bath or shower.
Compact foundation

Compact foundations, applied with a sponge, combine liquid foundation and powder in one product. It covers like a liquid foundation and feels like a powder when it dries.
Eau de Parfum

One of the newest forms of fragrances found in many fine fragrance collections, eau de parfum, contains no other fragrance notes than that of the original perfume, but the perfume notes are expanded to make it lighter and more subtle.

Makeup to smooth skintone and conceal flaws. Foundation comes in several different forms, each of which has a different impact on the final look of your skin.
Illuminating formulas

Usually found in a liquid foundation, illuminating formulas often contain crushed pearl or other minerals to add a touch of shimmer to your skin for a subtle glow.
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Loose powder

Applied with a large brush, loose powder is used to set and "finish off" your makeup. Loose powder will also help to make your makeup last longer.

From the Latin words "per" (through) and "fumum" (smoke); the strongest, most concentrated and lasting form of a fragrance. A blend of natural essential oils or aroma chemicals and fixatives, a fine perfume may contain as many as 300 different elements.
Pressed powder

Offers more coverage than a loose powder. Often comes in a compact and is applied with a sponge or puff.

Part of the foundation family, primers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Often colourless and applied with a sponge, primer can be used to prep the skin for foundation or worn alone to even out skintone, minimize the appearance of pores and provide a smooth complexion.
Stick foundation

Stick foundations are often 2-in-1 products with a built-in concealer.
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Tinted moisturizer

Offering the lightest coverage available, tinted moisturizers deliver a sheer, healthy glow to the skin. Like liquid foundations, they're ideal for a full range of skin types. Moisturizing properties help protect against drying and often come with SPF protection.
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