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MP3 Players Glossary

AAC: Advanced Audio Coding

Audio file format used by iTunes that provides audio quality close to uncompressed CDs. AAC file size is smaller than MP3 and offers better quality
AIFF: Audio Interchange File Format

Large, CD-quality audio files used as the standard audio format on computers using the Mac operating system.
ASF: Advanced Streaming Format

Streaming media format developed by Microsoft.

Audio codec offering close to CD-quality sound. It's used for MDLP recording with some MiniDisc recorders, for music storage in some portable memory players, and in Internet music applications such as Liquid Audio and RealAudio.
Bit rate

Also called data transfer rate, bit rate describes the number of bits of data transferred between devices in a specific amount of time.
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File extension for bitmap graphics.
CompactFlash Card

Type of memory card invented by SanDisk and used by digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, digital voice recorders, and photo printers.

Shrink file size using a format not usually employed by a specific file type.

Apple's name for the IEEE 1394 high speed external bus standard with data transfer rates up to 400Mbps.
GB: Gigabyte

Data storage measurement. One gigabyte equals 1,024 megabytes.
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GIF: Graphics Interchange Format

Lossless image compression format that supports 256 colours.
ID3 tags

Embedded MP3 track information including a song's title, album, and artist. Most audio players with a display can show this info so you can sort and manage music tracks.
IEEE 1394

High speed external bus standard with data transfer rates up to 400Mbps.

Apple's line of MP3 players.
iPod Skin

Fitted iPod covering designed to protect the iPod while changing its external appearance. Applying a skin is not permanent and does not void the iPod's warranty or affect functionality.
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Image compression format used for photos that supports 16 million colours.
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display

Type of digital monitor used for PDA and MP3 player displays.
Liquid Audio

Digital audio format and music-management/playback software (Liquid Player). Liquid Audio files use .lqt and .la1 file extensions and can be streamed or downloaded.
MB: Megabyte

Data storage measurement where one megabyte equals 1,048,576 bytes.
Memory card

Removable storage media used in some digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, digital video cameras, cell phones, and photo printers.
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Short for MPEG-1, audio layer 3, this audio compression format removes irrelevant information in a song, shrinking original CD sound data with a bit rate of 1411.2 kilobits per second stereo.
MultiMediaCard (MMC)

Type of memory card used in digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs.

Open-source audio compression format for WAV files.

Short for picture element, one pixel is a single point in an image. You see a complete image when multiple pixels are put together.
PNG: Portable Network Graphics

Lossless image file format that offers smaller file sizes than GIF.
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Audio used by RealRhapsody music service.

Screen image quality and clarity measured in pixels. Higher resolution offers a clearer picture.
SecureDigital (SD) Card

Popular type of memory card that work in MP3 players, digital cameras, digital video cameras, cell phones, PDAs, and electronic books.

A small version of a photo. Image browsers commonly display thumbnails of photos several or even dozens at a time.
TIFF: Tagged Image File Format

File format used to save bitmap images. Files end with .tif file extension.
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USB: Universal Serial Bus

Standard protocol for transferring data to and from digital devices. USB 1.1 offers a data transfer rate of 12 Mbps. USB 2.0 offers theoretical data transfer rates up to 480Mbps. Real-world tests often prove FireWire faster than USB 2.0.
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