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Searching for items by keyword

To find an item you want to buy, enter words that describe the item into a search box. You can also set preferences to find the right item quickly and organize your search information.

If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, try browsing for items instead.

Start your search

To start a search:
  1. Find the search box at the top of most eBay pages.

  2. Enter 2 or 3 words that describe the item, and then click the Search button. For example, to search for a DVD player, enter DVD player, and then click the Search button.

  3. If you can't find what you're looking for, try different keywords. If there are too many search results, include additional keywords to narrow your search.

    • Note: As you start typing in an eBay search box, a list of suggested keywords based on popular searches on eBay appears. This is different than when your browser makes suggestions based on your past searches. To hide the suggestions, click the Hide eBay suggestions link (next to the yellow icon) in the suggestions list. To show eBay suggestions again, click the yellow icon in the search box.

Some items you find are part of the Global Shipping Program which means you can see the shipping and import charges (taxes and duties) before purchasing, and can also track your item globally. This means you will pay the import charges when you purchase the item. If you don’t want to pay these fees upfront then continue searching for other similar products not shipped through the Global Shipping Program or that are shipped from within Canada. Depending on the price of the item, you still may have to pay import charges on international purchases when your item is delivered.

Find the right item quickly

To find the right item quickly, you can:

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