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Professional Security Researchers

The information on this page is intended for professional security researchers who want to report potential security vulnerabilities to the eBay security team. If you are an eBay customer, and you want to report a concern about your account or about fraud or malware, please contact Customer Support or visit the Report a Concern page for more information. The eBay security team does not have access to customer information or the ability to resolve customer issues.

Reporting a Possible Security Vulnerability to eBay

At eBay, we take the security of our users very seriously. If you believe you have discovered a potential security vulnerability on any of these eBay domains, please help us fix it as quickly as possible by reporting your findings to us in accordance with our Guidelines for Responsible Disclosure. Publicly disclosing a vulnerability can put the entire community at risk, so we urge you to keep matters private until we are able to resolve the issue. eBay takes security very seriously and investigates all reported vulnerabilities.

Guidelines for responsible disclosure

At eBay, we recognize the important role that security researchers and our community play in keeping eBay and our customers secure. If you discover a vulnerability on, please notify us using the following guidelines: