Product-Based Shopping Experience

Help buyers find your items. Use accurate item specifics when you list.

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Your success as a seller begins when your buyers choose to shop first on eBay. To meet their evolving expectations we are expanding and simplifying product-based shopping so that buyers find your items quickly and easily.

Buyers are searching for products like yours using specific search terms. To make sure they find you fast, tag your listings with the most popular terms that are relevant to your product. To optimize your listings for product-based shopping, simply provide complete and accurate item specifics when you list. Accurate item specifics enable us to monitor which elements are most important to buyers within the product-based shopping experience. As we identify key item specifics that contribute to increased traffic and sales conversion, we will highlight these item specifics in Seller Hub, so check often to optimize your listings.

With this change, you are no longer required to associate your listings with products in the eBay catalogue to realize the benefits of product-based shopping.