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Hall of Fame

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This year marks eBay’s 25th anniversary. For 25 years, eBay has been powered by small businesses—millions of people working hard to get you exactly what you want. To celebrate this significant milestone in eBay’s history, we have launched our Hall of Fame, showcasing a diverse group of 25 Canadian sellers who represent the passion, experience, and expertise that makes eBay what it is today.

Our Sellers

Eric Tripp

The Parts Rescuer

Nima Tahmassbi

The Cool Samaritan

Edie Jamieson

The Home Economist

Ajay Mirchandani

The Major League Seller

Jarvis Du

The Electronics Recycler

Marco Thorne

The Hockey Enthusiast

Adrien Lavoie

The Scrappy Young Entrepreneur

Tina Braumberger

The Luxury Recycler

Julie Yoo

The Online Vintage Pioneer

Eric Dempsey

The Four-Season Navigator

Michel Paquin

The Digital Transformer

Royce Hall

The Social Networker

Jessica Oman & Johann Furrer

The Hidden Treasure Hunters

Lamia El-Khouri

The Jewellery Historian

Althea Johnson

The Skincare Maven

Simon Duguay

The Lord of the Hobbies

Trevor Otterson

The Banknote Man

Mandy Kennett

The Friendly Teddy Bear Tycoon

Dhiren Punjabi

The Ambitious Newcomer

Imran, Aman, Asad,and Ali Nasser

The Vintage Sportswear Aficionados

Aris Pappas

The Digital Menu Mogul

Keeley Wamback

The Enterprising Mom

Craig Dawson & Rick Belanger

From Collectors to Resellers

William Chong

The Card Dealer

Shaun Smith & Stephanie Markham

The Haida Handcrafters